MS or PhD Positions in Analog/RF/Microwave/Mixed-Signal IC Design, Micro/Nano Electronics, Bio-Chips, Sensors, Smart Antennas, Smart Gadgets, Wearable and IoT Devices at Özyegin University Graduate Program in Istanbul

Analog & RF Labs of Özyegin University in Istanbul is actively looking for qualified researchers in the broad field of microelectronic technologies ranging from integrated circuit design to smart systems. The candidates are offered competitive scholarships and salaries in addition to on-campus accommodation and other complementary benefits.

Özyegin University is a young, research oriented university with highly motivated and experienced academic staff graduated from reputable universities around the world. Analog and RF Research Labs of Özyegin University is a recently established international microelectronics research lab with skilled graduate students from distinct countries.


Scholarship Type

RA-ship, TA-ship or the both


Value of Award

Amount of scholarship would vary based on the background and experience of the candidate.


Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for the program, candidates should have a strong background in topics related to electrical engineering and should be comfortable with written and verbal English. No limitation on the nationality of the applicants, anyone with background in one of the specified fields of interest can apply.


Fields of Interest

Some of the fields of interest are:

Analog/RF/Microwave/Mixed-Signal IC Design: RF/Transceiver Chipsets, Sensor Interface ICs, High-Speed ADCs and DACs, Power Amplifiers, Precision Audio and Power Management Chipsets, PLLs, Precision Delta-Sigma ADCs and DACs, Class-D Drivers, SERDES, Optical Transceiver Front-Ends, Bio-Chips.

Smart Electronic Systems: Wearables, IoT, Bio-Electronics, Optical Sensors and Interface Circuits, Sensor Interfaces and Read-out Circuits, Smart IOS/Android Mobile+Server Applications and Algorithms.

RF/Microwave Front-Ends: Smart Antennas, Phased-Array Systems, Beam Forming, Power Combining Front-Ends.


If you like to enjoy a cutting-edge and rewarding research team at a newly established campus of a fun metropolitan at the intersection of two continents, you are invited to submit your CV/resume as well as a cover letter with your detailed background



Application Deadline: May 31, 2017

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